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Analysis: The True Tragedy of Jasper

Steven Universe has, once again, entered into hiatus after a lenghty period of new episodes being released. Among said episodes was a story-arc dedicated to the return of the gem Jasper and her conflict with the Crystal Gems. This arc also showed us more of her character. The most noteworthy thing being,

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Review: Kulipari an Army of Frogs

When the Amphibilands, a village populated by frogs who live in peace and protected by a magical barrier known as the Veil, is in danger after the evil scorpion ruler Marmoo join forces with the Spider Queen Jarrah, a young frog named Darel must venture out of the Veil to seek the Kulipari, an ancient clan of poisonous frog warriors who defend the Amphibilands from evil.

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Review: The Origin of Voltron

“In an all-new series, five unlikely heroes and their flying robot lions unite to form the megapowerful Voltron and save the galaxy.”

Produced by Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos (alumni from “The Last Airbender” franchise) comes the reboot of the  Anime cult classic Voltron (in itself a Re-dub of the obscure anime Go-Lion): Voltron: Legendary Defender

This series, from the hands of Dreamworks Animation and distributed by Netflix worldwide, is the second attempt of modernizing the franchise after the unsuccesful attempt that was the TV Show “Voltron  Force”. But instead of being a sequel to the original show, this one is a full-out reboot and reimagining of said series. All the while using the blend of western animation and Anime that was involved in the creation of both Legend of Aang and Legend of Korra (in fact, the animation was done by Studio Mir, who also worked on Korra). Continue reading Review: The Origin of Voltron

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Review: Power Puff Girls 2016: Just go watch We Bare Bears

If someone where to speak about Cartoon Network back in the nineties, there are two, maybe three shows that are more than likely to be brought up. One of them is Craig McCracken’s Power Puff Girls.

Now, the best way to describe Power Puff Girls would be to say, a Magical Girl/Superhero show with a very saccarine premise… in a very ugly setting. By this i don’t mean that it is a crapsack world (altough at times it was), but rather that there was a certain intentional disparity between the apparent colorfulness of the characters and how violent it could become or how grotesque the villains and monsters could be. And this was, in part, because of the very creative and expressive characters design as well as strong writing that cleverly set itself to demolish your expectations of a show starring three sisters.

One of the reasons for the shows success was that it took two elements that were seemingly at odds with each other (girliness  and scary, violent imagery),combined them and played them straight. Thus creating a product that was unique both in look and feeling.

The Reboot drops all that and decides to be generic as possible. Continue reading Review: Power Puff Girls 2016: Just go watch We Bare Bears

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Supergirl: You will believe we are calling her “Girl”

This is a review of the Pilot on it’s own. Recaps for the show proper will start with episode 2.

It is a pretty awesome time to be a comicbook fan: Some of the most succesful adaptaitons of the last few years have been comic books, There are mainstream Tv Show made out of them, the indie market is growing strong, etc.

However, a problem that grows harder to ignore with this adaptations is the obvious lack of women as the leads. Sure, we have Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel confirmed for movies, but they are still a few years away. And even with those movies and counting Jessica Jones, I Zombie and Agent Carter, there are still far more stories crafted for a male audience than a female one.

Having a show like Supergirl has been long overdue, is what i am saying.
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