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Recap: Steven Universe “Hit the Diamond”

The Story so far: With Peridot as their newest member, The Crystal Gems have succesfully stopped The Cluster from taking physical form and destroy the world but the recently recovered Lapis Lazuli is still bitter over what she suffered because of Peridot. When it seemed Steven managed to get Lapis to at least accept living with Peridot, a Homewold ship arrived.

Recap: After Lapis knocks the homeworld ship into the ground, the hatch opens revealing Ruby… and Ruby, as well as Ruby, Ruby and Ruby. Five rubies each with a different personality and gem location.

  • Left Eye: Disciplined
  • Left Shoulder: Combative
  • Belly: Romantic
  • Left leg: Naive
  • Chest: Leading

The Crystal Gems manage to hide in the barn before they are discovered, but Peridot is convinced they arrived to punish her for yelling at Yellow Diamond. Garnet tries to calm her down and ensures everyone she has a plan: Separating into Ruby and Sapphire so Ruby can infiltrate the Ruby Squad and discover what they are after. Who seem to be looking for the leader of the earth mission.

At first, it seems as if the rubies discovered Ruby almost immediatly. But fortunately, it is soon revealed that this rubies are not the smartest gems, considering the one who checks if there are more rubies than it should forgets to count themselves so they still think they are five. Unfortunately, they are still smart enough to want to check the barn despite our Ruby’s protest. Still, she manages to convince them to let her “check” the barn, where she gets the chance to try and think something with the other crystal gems (and Lapis). Best plan they have? take Steven with her and declare there were only humans.

However, the Homeworld Rubies still want to check for themselves what is inside the barn, so Steven quickly thinks something: to challenge them in a game of Baseball.

Since we have established this rubies are not the smartest in the bunch, they accept the challenge and the rest of the episode is them playing against the Homeworld Rubies so they don’t find Peridot, who is hiding in the barn. The problem? Ruby and Sapphire can’t stop flirting with each other and that starts to raise suspicion from the homeworld gems as well as accidentally making the game more difficult for the Crystal Gems.

Despite this, Sapphire is still able to make the winning run and defeat the Homeworld Rubies.

And then she and Ruby mess it big time by accidentally fusing into Garnet in front of them. Whoops.

The Rubies fuse into one giant Ruby that threatens to kill them if they don’t tell them where the gem they are looking for is. Upon seeing the other Crystal Gems in danger, Peridot tries to surrender herself to the Rubies, ready to suffer punishment.

And then the rubies reveal they were looking for Jasper, not Peridot. Much to Peridot’s joy and bitterness. Steven tells them Jasper is in Neptune and the Rubies buy it. And so the episode ends with Amethyst declaring Rubies are dumb and garnet saying “not all of them”, even though she was extremely unhelpful this episode.


  • Lapis complete deadpan attitude throughout the episode. She is just so done
  • Belly Ruby being so excited about everything is cute.
  • Sapphire and Ruby flirting!
  • The Roll Call

Further thoughts:

I do find it interesting that Jasper was revealed as the leader of the earth mission, since it had been implied she was assigned as a bodyguard.


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Opinion: “progressive” writers, an animated show is more progressive than you

At this point, you may have heard of the whole backlash against a seies of so-called “progressive” shows after they started to simultaneously kill their minority characters (mostly the ones who qualified for LGBT+ representation) in a way that would make you think thewriters and producers had had a secret meeting in where they agreed to do this together, if only because that is slightly more believable than the sad truth that the writers decided to throw their minority characters to the side to give the spotlight to the “straight, white) hero or pretend they were “mature” via shock value.

While it is not a trend that affect LGBT+ characters exclusively but PoC characters, too, I am going to focus on the former for this article. I am not ignoring their particular struggle and the problems they have, just not addressing it just yet Continue reading Opinion: “progressive” writers, an animated show is more progressive than you

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