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Videogame Review: Stardew Valley

Released in February 26 of 2016 on Steam, Stardew Valley is an RPG Farming Simulation game (in the same vibe as the Harvest Moon games for the Nintendo handheld consoles) for PC developed by ConcernedApe and published by  Game Studio Chucklefish of Starbound fame.

In the game you control your farmer character (which you can customize and name to your liking) who starts living in the abandoned farm of their late grandfather once they, as the game puts it, get sick of living in the city and seek the peace and quiet of Pelican Town, a once thriving community which has fallen into decline since the Joja Corporation recently opened a new JojaMart location in the area. However, as you begin to restore your late Grandfather’s farm to it’s former glory, you may as well help the town to heal as well.

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