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Analysis: Poe Dameron and Idealistic Heroism

The return of Star Wars to the Big screen on december of last year was an undeniable success with “The Force Awakens” making almost $1 Billion domestically and being crowned as the biggest domestic box office of all times.

A lot of discussion has been made about it. How it is just a remake of “A New Hope“, how it is just re-using elements but giving it’s own spins, How Rey is an awesome character, How Rey is a “Mary Sue”, and along Etc.

One thing certain, though, is the overwhelming positive reaction to the character of Poe Dameron (played by Oscar Isaac) and whom it was originally planned would die at the end of act 1 until J. J. Abrams changed it so he would live throughout the movie. This turned to have been a smart decision, considering how the popularity lead to Poe having his own ongoing comic series in Marvel and has been embraced by the fandom as one of the main characters. Continue reading Analysis: Poe Dameron and Idealistic Heroism

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