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Analysis: I Believe In Princess Marco

This article will be a little different. Rather than me trying to make a critical analysis of a particular topic or character, I am merely trying to spread the word and repeat what other people have said about one particular topic: That Marco of “Star Versus the Forces of Evil” is a Transgirl.

At the end of this article, I will link my sources for you to check for yourselves, for they are the ones who have been talking and championing this.

Bellow this point, spoilers for Star Versus the Forces of Evil and a straight Cis Guy talking about trans issues. you have been warned

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Opinion: Why Tracer Matters

It is official. Blizzard actually followed-up on their word from one year ago and confirmed one of the characters of the highly popular Overwatch was indeed part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

That character is Lena Oxon also known as Tracer. And this is a pretty big deal.

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Opinion: “progressive” writers, an animated show is more progressive than you

At this point, you may have heard of the whole backlash against a seies of so-called “progressive” shows after they started to simultaneously kill their minority characters (mostly the ones who qualified for LGBT+ representation) in a way that would make you think thewriters and producers had had a secret meeting in where they agreed to do this together, if only because that is slightly more believable than the sad truth that the writers decided to throw their minority characters to the side to give the spotlight to the “straight, white) hero or pretend they were “mature” via shock value.

While it is not a trend that affect LGBT+ characters exclusively but PoC characters, too, I am going to focus on the former for this article. I am not ignoring their particular struggle and the problems they have, just not addressing it just yet Continue reading Opinion: “progressive” writers, an animated show is more progressive than you

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Opinion: Batgirl did not fix DC screwing over Batwoman

Back in 2011, DC’s New52 had just started and, among their launching titles, there was the critically acclaimed title Batwoman. This was a huge deal because it was a book with an openly lesbian character as the lead. The book spent 17 issues building upon the relationship between Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer to the point that, at the very end of the book’s first over-arching storyline, Kate and Maggie became engaged to the acclaim of the fans.

In 2013 and months after the marriage had been green lighted, all of the sudden DC stepped back, the wedding was vetoed by editorial mandate and the creative team that had created one of the most acclaimed books in the entire New52 quit the project entirely out of anger. What had been a huge step forward for DC had, from day to night, become an example of the lack of commitment from publishers in having diversity in their books. And to make matters worse, DC tried to justify itself saying none of their heroes in the New52 were married with the exception of Animal Man, which was an issue in and of itself.

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No, Historical Erasure CANNOT be justified

This article was originally posted in all it’s unedited glory in my Tumblr account in September 22 2015

The Reviews for Roland Emmerich’s latest movie Stonewall are finally rolling in and, unsurprisingly, it appears to be a giant piece of whitewashed, ciswashed garbage. Continue reading No, Historical Erasure CANNOT be justified

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