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Supergirl: You will believe we are calling her “Girl”

This is a review of the Pilot on it’s own. Recaps for the show proper will start with episode 2.

It is a pretty awesome time to be a comicbook fan: Some of the most succesful adaptaitons of the last few years have been comic books, There are mainstream Tv Show made out of them, the indie market is growing strong, etc.

However, a problem that grows harder to ignore with this adaptations is the obvious lack of women as the leads. Sure, we have Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel confirmed for movies, but they are still a few years away. And even with those movies and counting Jessica Jones, I Zombie and Agent Carter, there are still far more stories crafted for a male audience than a female one.

Having a show like Supergirl has been long overdue, is what i am saying.
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