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Opinion: The Comics Pendulum

When it comes to american comics, there are two big publishers: DC Entertainment and Marvel Comic, more commonly reffered as “The Big Two”. Continue reading Opinion: The Comics Pendulum

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Opinion: There was no reason for having Peter be Spider-Man

Back when the Spider-Man franchise had been officially confirmed as being introduced into the MCU, there was a lot of discussion on wether it was going to be, yet again, Peter Parker as Spider-Man or, after a total of five movies, Marvel was going to give the title to another character, namely Miles Morales.

(Update: since writing this, It has been revealed they were not whitewashing Ganke Lee. However, the movie DOES have a character who fills Ganke’s only for Peter, so my statement remains the same: They are giving Peter Miles’ supporting cast)

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Review: Wonder Woman Rebirth

Confession time: I greatly dislike DC’s Nu52. I honestly believe that, overall, it has showcased a lot of what is wrong with the comic industry and that the titles that were good, were good despite of it, not because of it.

There are also 2 changes DC did that i will flat out call godawful and offensive and am willing to argue it with anyone, because i believe they are in the wrong for defending these two: The Kents being dead in Superman’s backstory and EVERYTHING related to Wonder Woman in the Nu52.

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Crystal Gems Test: Supergirl Episode 2

Welcome Back to The Crystal Gems Test. Today, we are giving a look at the second episode of Supergirl and see if it manages to keep the same score as last week! Let’s begin, shall we? Continue reading Crystal Gems Test: Supergirl Episode 2

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Opinion: Batgirl did not fix DC screwing over Batwoman

Back in 2011, DC’s New52 had just started and, among their launching titles, there was the critically acclaimed title Batwoman. This was a huge deal because it was a book with an openly lesbian character as the lead. The book spent 17 issues building upon the relationship between Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer to the point that, at the very end of the book’s first over-arching storyline, Kate and Maggie became engaged to the acclaim of the fans.

In 2013 and months after the marriage had been green lighted, all of the sudden DC stepped back, the wedding was vetoed by editorial mandate and the creative team that had created one of the most acclaimed books in the entire New52 quit the project entirely out of anger. What had been a huge step forward for DC had, from day to night, become an example of the lack of commitment from publishers in having diversity in their books. And to make matters worse, DC tried to justify itself saying none of their heroes in the New52 were married with the exception of Animal Man, which was an issue in and of itself.

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Supergirl: You will believe we are calling her “Girl”

This is a review of the Pilot on it’s own. Recaps for the show proper will start with episode 2.

It is a pretty awesome time to be a comicbook fan: Some of the most succesful adaptaitons of the last few years have been comic books, There are mainstream Tv Show made out of them, the indie market is growing strong, etc.

However, a problem that grows harder to ignore with this adaptations is the obvious lack of women as the leads. Sure, we have Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel confirmed for movies, but they are still a few years away. And even with those movies and counting Jessica Jones, I Zombie and Agent Carter, there are still far more stories crafted for a male audience than a female one.

Having a show like Supergirl has been long overdue, is what i am saying.
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