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Review: “Stories: Path of Destinies”

Groundhog Day: Furry Fantasy Edition

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First Impressions: Overwatch Sombra PTR

OVerwatch’s Sombra has finally been revealed after months of teasing from Blizzard and she is now available on Overwatch’s PTR (Overwatch’s testing ground for players to test coming updates before being released in the main servers) alongside a new map and new modes.

Here are my first impressions of them all:

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Opinion: Overwatch & Porn

After Blizzard’s long held hype campaign for their latest game, Overwatch, with a focus on it’s colofurness as well as diversity of characters, it is not surprising that a community starving for a breath of fresh air from the tiring trend of the same-looking leading character in every AAA title in the last few years has embraced the creative designs overwatch offers. Continue reading Opinion: Overwatch & Porn

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New hosting service!

You may notice the site has gone through a bit of a re-design. that’s because i decided to change things a little bit, including a new hosting.

if you see any irregularities, please inform me and i shall try to fix them.

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