Opinion: Mods, Skyrim and GTA V

Last year, the game studio Bethesda released the remastered edition of their popular Open-world Game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”, which many fans welcomed even though more than a few jokingly pointed out that there were Mods that greatly improved the game graphics better than a remastering could.

When Nintendo finally revealed their new game console the “Switch” the game they decided to showcase was… Skyrim.

Now, during this year’s E3, and as part of their support of their VR System, Sony announced Skyrim VR. Classic skyrim, but being able to play it with a VR set.

Why is a 6 year old game still getting so much support?

It’s because of Mods.

For those who do not know, Mods are a modification of a game’s software (usually done by a player) to change some aspects or even make a complete reconversion of the game.

Bethesda games, in particular, have a strong following in the modding community.

Mods can be simple stylistic changes, it can add completely new content or change the gameplay dramatically. One example of this is adding survival elements to Skyrim such as a hunger meter or make it so it is easier for the player to make Dwemer Ingots.

In short, some mods can increase a game’s content that allows players to continue coming back over and over again and, thus, greatly increasing the game’s expected life span. Not to mention that the modding community is mostly made out of a playerbase that simply keeps on coming back to the game. That are going to continue to support the game if given the chance.

And, while the vanilla version of Skyrim in itself is a pretty big game (or maybe even because), Skyrim has one of the biggest modding communities out there if not the biggest, so it should not be surprising that the game is able to still be strong enough they keep on re-releasing it.

One only need to look back at the reveal of the remastered edition to see this. Specifically that the Xbox One and PS4 version would support Mods alongside fallout 4. This was something unheard of. Mods had always been something exclusive to the PC Gaming so the fact it would be included best showcases how important of a role mods had in keeping Skyrim alive all this years (there were… problems, to say the least, but the attempt was there).

Supporting Mods give the game a longer life and, thus, more success in the long run.

It’s why Take-Two’s decision to fight against modding for GTAV was such an tone deaf move. Not because of the discussion regarding modding as a whole. Not because of the fact OpenIV had nothing to do with the problems in GTA Online, but because Take-Two is angering the fanbase are most likely going to stick around and keep on playing GTAV long after GTA Online inevitably closes it’s servers.

And yes. Bethesda’s “Creation Club” seems to be another attempt of having paid mods in their games and that will definitely have it’s own set of problems, not the least of which would be having more restrictions as to what modders can add to the game (Good Bye, My Little Pony Mods), so they are not off the hook yet. But at least they are willing to admit that a game having Mods can only be a good thing.

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