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This article will be a little different. Rather than me trying to make a critical analysis of a particular topic or character, I am merely trying to spread the word and repeat what other people have said about one particular topic: That Marco of “Star Versus the Forces of Evil” is a Transgirl.

At the end of this article, I will link my sources for you to check for yourselves, for they are the ones who have been talking and championing this.

Bellow this point, spoilers for Star Versus the Forces of Evil and a straight Cis Guy talking about trans issues. you have been warned

Before we begin, some basic background information.

Star Versus the Forces of Evil” is a Disney animated tv show about the princess of the magical kingdom of Mewni, Star Butterfly, who is obsessed with fighting evil and having fun.  In an attempt to teach her responsibility, her parents transfer her to a normal high school on earth and now she has to live with a human family named the Diaz. She quickly becomes friends the Diaz’s son Marco, a “young boy” of the same age as her who tries to be the voice of reason between the two but the truth is that he loves adventuring just as much as Star.

During the early episodes, there are a mention or two of a place called “St. Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses”, which downrights horrifies Star and is both a parody and criticism of boarding schools. Despite this, the place doesn’t seem to have any relevance in the show until the episode “St. Olga“, in which both Marco and Star have to infiltrate the school to rescue one of Star’s friends.

It is also the first episode to introduced the idea of Princess Marco, which will be one of the strongest elements of the Trans Marco Theory

To infiltrate the school, both Marco and Star have to pretend to be students of the school and so Marco is forced to wear a princess dress. The interesting thing to note is that, by the end of the episode, Marco is shown to be very comfortable both with the dress and with people using the She pronoun when talking about them. Hence why people believe this is a sign of them being a Trans girl.

According to the theory, Marco either always identified as a girl, but was a closeted Transgirl and this was their first proper experience in a dress (which they loved) or that this would be the event that makes them realize that maybe they don’t quite identify themselves as a boy.

Now, having a male character in a dress is hardly something new  even if you ignore things such as crossdressing or drag jokes. So, while Princes Marco would become more important down the road, it is not quite this episode that which will convince Breastforce and others of the strong possibility that Marco could be Trans beyond a simple headcanon.

That will be the season 2 premiere, which has Marco in a literal closet wearing a skirt.

Image taken from:

I could go into details as to why that has relevance, but i believe Breastforce already does a wonderful job explaining it better than I could. However, if i had to say it with my own words: You have to be incredibly ignorant to not know the specific meaning that has the expression “coming out of the closet”.

Anyway, it is from this episode that would give birth to the Trans Marco Theory, which would eventually get a lot of traction as more episodes came in that further supported the theory, but the most relevant would not happen until the episode “Naysaya“, which has this particular line:

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Now, for those who do not know, there is something called Dysphoria that is described as “a profound state of unease or dissatisfaction” which can also reffer to a state of not being comfortable with one’s own body, particularly in the case of Gender Dysphoria.

It is also something plenty of Trans People (not all) suffer in a way that they have described similar to Marco here.

Marco suffers Dysphoria or something so close to Dysphoria that Trans people identify with.

There is actual textual evidence that keeps on piling up. It is not simply that Marco wears a dress one time and people jump to call it proof that they are Transgender, but that the show consistently puts Marco in situations that resonate surprisingly well with Trans people.

There are more elements present to this theory than the ones I mentioned but you should go to the links I provide, since those will be a far better source of information and will be able to explain it far better than I could. The point is that Marco Diaz is the closest any kid’s show has ever been to having an actual, canonical Transgender character and that this theory is not a simple a case of someone reading too much.

That being said. If we are to take this seriously, there is one question that needs to be answered: How likely it would be for Disney to actually consider having a Transgender character in one of their kid’s shows?

A quick response to that would be to point out that one time that Gravity Falls tried to have a scene with two old ladies in love only for it to be denied by Disney, which would suggest the same would happen here.

That is, until the show aired this bomb:

Yep, this images are not edited, this is from an actual episode and it  actually happened. “Star Versus the Forces of Evil” had an actual scene with same-sex couples kissing on-screen in the episode “Just Friends”.

Some people say that the Show’s creative team is really good at getting stuff under the radar that normally would not be allowed. However, it is impossible that the Disney censors were unaware of this scene, this had to be sometihng Disney had to give the OK. (There is also the fact that Disney revealed that the Live Action Beauty and the Beast had an actual gay character, but to reasons related to wether or not LeFou is good representation and not having seen the movie yet, I will limit myself to acknowledge it’s existence).

When compared to what happened with Gravity Falls, it is more than likely Disney has become more open with the idea of queer representation, which while not a confirmation that they will give the greenlight to having a character be Transgender, it also means that the Trans Marco Theory is not an impossibility. That only means that it is not impossible, of course, not that it is likely. What makes it go from “not an impossibility” to “actual possibility”, however, is the fact that evidence keeps on piling up.

To some people, of course, Marco could simply be an example of a male character who likes girly things and that it doesn’t necessarily means that they are Trans, that they are simply defying gender norms (Some even implying that a Cis marco would be more progressive than Trans Marco that way).

To that, I have to point out to scenes like Marco having Dysphoria and telling them “I don’t know what to tell you”. However, to people arguing that Marco shouldn’t be Trans because we need more boys who like girly things I can only say: We already have Steven Universe, let Trans people have something for god’s sake.

Yes, gems (with the sole, specific exception of Steven) are non-binary and they are often wonderful metaphors, but Marco being Trans would not be a metaphor but actual on-screen representation. Having someone who began identifying as a boy only to later identify as a girl would be an incredibly strong message for countless kids that would allow them to put into words something they could not before. Not to say that The Crystal Gems being non-binary is not important, only that they are important in a different way than Marco being Trans would be.

That is why I chose to write this article as a way to try and spread the word. Because I believe that Marco being Trans would be a wonderful thing and, thus, I chose to believe.



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