First Impressions: Overwatch Sombra PTR

OVerwatch’s Sombra has finally been revealed after months of teasing from Blizzard and she is now available on Overwatch’s PTR (Overwatch’s testing ground for players to test coming updates before being released in the main servers) alongside a new map and new modes.

Here are my first impressions of them all:

New Modes

First of all, Quickplay no longer has unlimited number of heroes. Like in competitive, teams cannot have two or more of the same heroes and players will haveto play a different hero if the one they wanted is already chosen.

There is still the option for unlimited heroes, however, on the new “Arcade” mode. Here you can choose between five different kinds of matches and receive lottboxes as weekly rewards.

The first match, 1v1, consist of mirror matches against another player and you need to win five rounds to win the match. It is plenty of fun, specially because the hero you and your opponent play as is randomized each round, meaning that you may get a hero you never play as or that you have better experience than your opponent.

It is great to test your skills or even patience, as you can either go full-front or play a game of hide-and seek with your opponent. the rule is simple, if you defeat your opponent, you win the round. If the round takes too long, it is declared a draw and you jump into the next round with a different hero.

The rounds can be finished as soon as they start or they can be quite tense as you and your opponent keep on surviving.

Or you can have Torbjorn and the round is a draw because neither player is crazy enough to go out there to be killed by a turret.

3v3 is on the same map as 1v1 (mor eon that later) and it has the same rules with some modifications: your hero is no longer randomized (you can’t change it once the round starts, however) and you are in a team of three and you only need 3 points. everything else is the same.

To be honest, I probably had morefun matches than in 1v1, if only because I had my teammates to give me aid. It also felt like my killings had more weight and that i was being helpful

That being said, if you are the first one to fall, you will have to wait for the next round since there is no respawn.

then there are two 6v6 matches that bring back old “brawl” modes and finally “unlimited”, which is basically the old quickplay mode back. So there is that

New Map: Exopoint Antarctica

Ecopoint is a very different map compared to the other Overwatch maps. For starters, it is smaller  than the average map (probably a necessity since it is the one used for 1v1 and 3v3. making it too big would probably make the matches dull pretty quickly). You can get to the other side very easily.

It also lacks health packs. Meaning if your hero cannot regenerate health, you can go down pretty quick.

Like other Overwatch maps, however, it is beautiful. it is filled with all sorts of little details, easter eggs and little lore things that make it worth stop for a second to look around. It is the same one Mei was trapped in for years, so naturally we get plenty of hints of how it was like shortly before everyone but Mei met their doom.

Like i said, it is small and you will not have problems realizing what takes you where.

I have no idea if the map is going to be in competitive, but it would be really interesting.


Now the meat everyone was waiting for, the latest addition to Overwatch’s wonderful number of fun characters to play as with really cool abilities. the master Hacker from Mexico herself: Sombra.

Yeah… i have not been able to play her.

Okay, to bemore precise, i have not been able to play her in quickplay.

See, since she is the new hot thing right now, it also means everyone wants to play her. And since Quickplay has a one-hero limit now and EVERY match i played there already had someone who picked Sombra first or where faster than me… well…

So anyways, I was able to play her in Unlimited… all the matches were “Full Sombra Team” Vs “Full Sombra Team”… if you don’t understand the problem, I wanted to test her against OTHER heroes, not herself.

So anyway, i was able to properly play her on 3v3.

She is pretty cool. She is like what Blizzard told us. it is pretty easy to get into the enemy lines without being seen and her transport is a great way out or a way to find alternate routes in a not dissimilar way to Genji, with the only exception Sombra is stealthier.

Now, when playing as her I found myself in trouble plenty of times because of how small the map is, but i can see how she can be a game changer in a larger map.

as for playing against her. Her hacking your abilities is really effective, but she is also pretty weak health and damage wise, so as long as you are not alone, it is easy to counter her and if you happen to find her transport, you can ambush her easily.

In conclusion, I like the new additions and i am excited to see them in the main game soon.

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