Opinion: The Importance of saying “Your Son”

Among the many news to come out of San Diego Comi-Com there is the trailer for the highly anticipated “The Lego Batman Movie” spin-off of the highly succesful “The Lego Movie”.

The trailer in question (that i am going to post after the cut) introduces Dick Grayson and show us him meeting Batman for the first time and becoming his sidekick

What I find most interesting about this trailer is the line Alfred uses when we are introduced to Dick. Specifically him calling Dick Batman’s son.

In the comics, for all intents and purposes, the two of them are Father and Son. Bruce brought Dick to his mansion and raised him when he lost his parents, he trained him and even became his legal guardian.

However, there is rarely, if at all, an acknowledgement of Bruce being Dick’s adoptive father. The closest we get is him reffering to Dick as “like a son” to him and often limited to emotional scenes. Damian, Bruce’s biological son, sees Dick like a brother but never calls him that… even though they should be for all intents and purposes.

The reason could be that DC is afraid of “aging” their characters, and  openly having characters refer to Dick (who is in his twenties nowadays) as Bruce’s son would age Bruce Wayne’s character (I also think it may be an attempt to erase responsibility from Bruce’s shoulder whenever he acts like a jackass, but that’s another story)

But i have a problem with this. Namely that, considering how some people seem to think adopted parents are “not the Real Parents”, it is important to correct this assumption. To do this, it is important to not call Dick’s relationship with the person who became his legal guardian, who raised him, who trained him and helped him overcome his grief and done everything a father would as “like a father”. But, instead, to call it what it is: A Father raising his Son.

Dick Grayson is not Bruce’s Protege or his Sidekick: He is his Son.

And for the movie to actually call the relationship what it actually is, and to not allow Batman to evade his responsibilities as a Father, that is important.

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