Recap Steven Universe: Steven Floats

The Story so far: after concluding all their business in the barn, the Gems finally return to the temple for some well deserved rest and having some Catching up to do

The Story: Finally returning to Beach City after a long time, Steven goes straight to the Big Donut only to discover they had already closed and Sadie telling him they already threw all the donuts away.

Saddened, Steven is about to leave only for Sadie to tell him they are going to start making their own donuts now that they have deal with all the problems from the previous incident. If Steven comes early tomorrow, he will be able to taste their first home-made donut in a long time.

THis news make Steven so happy that he starts to float in joy… literally, he starts to float. He has discovered a new ability.

However, testing this new ability he accidentally jumps too high and he starts to descend very slowly back to earth. He manage to make the gems notice what is happening and they try to help but there is no use, they don’t know how to help Steven deal with his new ability. the only thing that remains is them trying to help Steven pass the time until he finally descends back to earth and… that’s the episode.

There is a small conflict with Steven realizing he is not going to finish floating for the time The Big Donut opens, so he tries to somehow fasten his descent, but there is no use.

Eventually, however, he realizes his new ability is tied to his emotions (like everything else) and he is able to fall back to earth. He goes to the Big Donut and get the donut. The End

Further Thoughts: So… this is the second time Steven uses this ability. Remember Rose’s Scabbard? if you look closely, before he had fallen, he was floating.

Also a nice touch that, apparently, The Cluster business meant the Gems spent all this time in the barn.

This was a very light episode.

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