Opinion: There was no reason for having Peter be Spider-Man

Back when the Spider-Man franchise had been officially confirmed as being introduced into the MCU, there was a lot of discussion on wether it was going to be, yet again, Peter Parker as Spider-Man or, after a total of five movies, Marvel was going to give the title to another character, namely Miles Morales.

(Update: since writing this, It has been revealed they were not whitewashing Ganke Lee. However, the movie DOES have a character who fills Ganke’s only for Peter, so my statement remains the same: They are giving Peter Miles’ supporting cast)


At this point, Fans were divided into pretty much two groups (three, if we count the people who did not want yet another spider-man to take the place of other characters like Captain Marvel, but that is another discussion): People who wanted Miles or, at the very least, Racebent Peter Parker, or people who wanted Peter Parker yet again (or white Peter Parker).

The people who wanted Miles are, in addition to Miles fans, of the opinion that the MCU is seriously lacking in the diversity department, what with an overwhelming amount of the MCU characters being white men. The other side, aside from those who think Miles is not interesting as a character and what not (which i am TOTALLY convinced wasn’t something people threw at Captain America when he got his movie, no sirre. everyone tought he was cool to begin with), feel that Peter has a right to be the one to be introduced for a number of reasons, but that one of the most populars being… that he was the first and, thus, the MCU has to do it in that order (the logic being that, as we all know, the MCU since day one has been a 1:1 copy of the comics…)

I’m not going to get into all the problems with that statement (specially considering neither Ant-Man nor The Wasp where anywhere to be seen in the first Avengers movie…). I will instead say this:

The very second Marvel announced they were casting someone to be Ganke Lee, they gave up any right to that defense.

“Okay” I hear you ask “who is Ganke Lee?”

This is Ganke Lee


He is asian, he is plus-sized and he is Miles Morales best friend as well as confidant on his identity as Spider-Man.

He is a character created by and for Miles stories, he is a quintessential Miles supporting character and one who is tied to Miles character and no other spider-man character.

He is an uniquely Miles character. And he literally has zero connections to Peter Parker.

Until now, because now marvel announced he is going to be in Spider-Man: Homecomming as Peter’s best friend.


All those arguments about having to adapt things in the proper order? That Peter is an essential character for Miles and that without him Miles cannot be Spider-Man since he has to be inspired by him? (which I do not get, since ALL you need to do that would be opening the movie with a grave saying “Peter Parker: he was Spider-Man for five minutes and inspired a bunch of people”).

Yeah, they just lost any validity.

The very second Marvel takes one of the few characters that, you could say, belongs to Miles Mythos, when they believe anything involving Miles is to be used freely and independently on wether Miles is involved or not, you do not get to defend them by saying Miles needs to “wait his turn” and that they need to establish Peter first.

Because they are admiting they are not following any particular canon orsome sort of order. They are taking bits and pieces.

Which, honestly, is fine. They took bits and pieces for Captain America. They took bits and Pieces for Avengers, but it also means there is no reason why they are not doing what people are asking them to do.

Why does it have to be Peter instead of Miles when we are going to use the stuff that belongs to Miles anyway?

Is it because people are more familiar with Peter? But then why are they using Ganke instead of Harry, or Flash, or Eddie (and then turn him evil) or any other of the MULTIPLE Supporting characters Peter has had over the years?

Is it because Peter has a “right” to be the first Spider-Man on film? (which he already was. five movies) okay, but he doesn’t have a “right” to Miles fucking supporting character. that is Miles, why Miles doesn’t have a “rigth” to appear in the movies, but Peter seems to completely own anything related to Miles to be used freely?

“Maybe it is to have more diversity?” I hear you say, that maybe the reason why Ganke was included was because they ARE listening and they are trying to be more inclusive and that is why Ganke is being included so, at the very least, we get a plus-sized asian-american character.

If you thought that, congratulations, you are smarter than the people at Marvel.

Here is Ganke’s supposed actor:

Ganke actor

Yep, the kick in the balls that is the announcement that they are turning Miles own cast into Peter’s is that they are whitewashing the character.

No. They did not include Ganke to diversify the movie or anything like that.

They included him because they wanted to. It is as simple as that.

There was no reason why it couldn’t be Miles other than Marvel deciding they wanted to use Peter yet again while Miles is thrown to the side. There is no reason why they couldn’t have Miles take the role they are giving Ganke here, make him Peter’s best friend and set him up to become a spider-man in the sequel (which, let’s be honest, a sequel in the MCU is guaranteed).

They could have found a million ways to justify making a Miles movie without Peter

They could have found a million ways to justify making a Peter movie with Miles in a supporting role.

They could have found a million ways to justify whatever decision they made about the Spider-man franchise.

And they decided to justify not having Miles at all and, to add salt to the injury, make his supporting cast be about Peter instead.

Because they are going to justify this decision. They are going to say that it was “necessary” because people know Harry or Mary Jane but not Ganke, or that they wanted to create a bridge to Miles. But no, what they are doing, what this is, is giving Peter ownership over Miles stuff.

There was no reason why Miles couldn’t be the Spider-Man of the MCU other than Marvel saying so.

And now they have decided Miles stuff belongs to Peter.

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