Review: Wonder Woman Rebirth

Confession time: I greatly dislike DC’s Nu52. I honestly believe that, overall, it has showcased a lot of what is wrong with the comic industry and that the titles that were good, were good despite of it, not because of it.

There are also 2 changes DC did that i will flat out call godawful and offensive and am willing to argue it with anyone, because i believe they are in the wrong for defending these two: The Kents being dead in Superman’s backstory and EVERYTHING related to Wonder Woman in the Nu52.

I cannot express how much I despise these two changes. To me, they are a huge slap to the head as a reader and make me unable to enjoy a Wonder Woman or Superman book.

Wonder Woman, I just want to shred the book into pieces, that is how much fury Nu52 Wonder Woman generates me. It was a botchering of the character and EVERYTHING in her history that wants to pretend it is empowering at the same time it is is downrigh offensive.

DC Seems to know their treatment of Wonder Woman hasn’t been…… popular. What with them having Greg Rucka, a fan-favorite Wonder Woman writer, coming back to the title after having to walk out of it because of editorial interference. So, when i heard he was going to be the new writer, I jumped at the chance and bought this issue. DC’s one chance to win me over to the Wonder Woman Title. I wasn’t even asking for much, just some sort of evidence from Rucka that, yes, they were going to try to do damage-control. Something that told me they wanted this to be a Wonder Woman title again.

And with one panel, of Wonder Woman crushing Ares Helmet and declaring war the enemy of truth, I was satisfied.

Now, the Rebirth are little more than prologues for the actual stories, so most of the issue is just establishing Diana’s quest to discover who is deceiving her and what is going on, but nevertheless it is great to see a return of this Diana, the one who uses her lasso to confirm she is lying to herself, the one who remembers Themyscira as a place where she was loved instead of depsised for being different.

The one who starts this very story by saving a woman from a sex traficker before worrying about her problems. In two pages, this Diana has been more heroic than the entirety of the Azzarello run.

I also have to say, I like her new outfit:


While there are some problem, overall, this just feels like armor, I get a sense of weight and sturdiness I did not get with previous onesand the cape is just cool looking.

The art in the first few pages are overall pretty meh, it is not until the last few pages with the artist of the even-numbered issues taking over that we get to see what the book really has to offer: beautiful shots of an autumn follage, sentinels made by a god that never stop and a Diana that actually looks imposing.

I really enjoyed this title, it is exactly what I wanted, a promise that i am going to enjoy Wonder Woman again once it actually starts. and I am excited for it.

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