Opinion: Overwatch & Porn

After Blizzard’s long held hype campaign for their latest game, Overwatch, with a focus on it’s colofurness as well as diversity of characters, it is not surprising that a community starving for a breath of fresh air from the tiring trend of the same-looking leading character in every AAA title in the last few years has embraced the creative designs overwatch offers.Trigger Warning for mention of porn and sex

It would be hard to find any other AAA title that offers a playable character like Zarya (please remember thatwith this I am refering to Zarya’s buff design, while you may be able to fine some physically strong female characters in games, it is rarer for them to be nearly as buffy)


And of course emracing, in Internet terms, means lots of fan-arts, fan-fics and, yes, porn.

At this time, it is well known that Rule 34 does not know limits, that everything is capable of being affected by it with the only exception being anything not popular enough to get some sort of internet following, which considering how much Blizzard tried to get Overwatch to be a thing, it was a safe bet Overwatch would get one.

Now, Overwatch getting porn was a safe bet beyond how you feel about it (Personally, since D.Va is pretty much the only character who could count as underage, I am fine with it), what noone expected was how much porn it would get and how much it would explode after theopen beta.pornhubThis explosion of pornographic material (to the point that searching “overwatch” in google images is likely to have porn images among the first results) has lead Blizzard to downright comission takedowns of pornographic material on defense of their copyright. You may think it is right for Blizzard to do this, or that it is wrong, but before that, one thing must be clear, the Overwatch porn BLizzard is taking down can be qualified in two groups.

The first group consist on the use of Overwatch’s own assets. This one, like it or not, is considered illegal. Blizzard is well within their legal rights to take this owns since it involves the use of their own copyrighted material in a way that is not protected under Fair Use.

The other group… is not. And since porn qualifies as parody, it is protected under fair use. This group, like it or not, is legally protected and Blizzard’s takedowns are illegitimate.

Now, i understand why Blizzard is oing this and doing it this early on. You just need to hear about the time Esurance had to deal with it to understand.

I do not, however, think Blizzard is going to be succesful. Rule 34 is just too engrained in the Internet consciousness as to be succesfully fight off, the best Blizzard could hope for would be to try to limit it’s reach, to ask it’s fans to tag the pornographic material like Undertale’s creators asked it’s fans by using the term “Undertail”. Otherwise, they are in for a lost fight that is only going to resul in bad PR for them. Not even Disney, one of the most protective companies over their intellectual property, has been able to deal with Porn.

No company so far has been able to try to monitor the internet and succeed. So really, It’sjust a matter of time before Blizzard gives up entirely.

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