Analysis: Poe Dameron and Idealistic Heroism

The return of Star Wars to the Big screen on december of last year was an undeniable success with “The Force Awakens” making almost $1 Billion domestically and being crowned as the biggest domestic box office of all times.

A lot of discussion has been made about it. How it is just a remake of “A New Hope“, how it is just re-using elements but giving it’s own spins, How Rey is an awesome character, How Rey is a “Mary Sue”, and along Etc.

One thing certain, though, is the overwhelming positive reaction to the character of Poe Dameron (played by Oscar Isaac) and whom it was originally planned would die at the end of act 1 until J. J. Abrams changed it so he would live throughout the movie. This turned to have been a smart decision, considering how the popularity lead to Poe having his own ongoing comic series in Marvel and has been embraced by the fandom as one of the main characters. Continue reading Analysis: Poe Dameron and Idealistic Heroism

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Opinion: “Social Commentary” is not a shield for shitty writing.

Spoilers for Orange is the new Black Season 4.

Social Commentary may be one of the oldest ideas creators have tried to use their stories to express to their audiences. Star Trek is a perfect example of a TV Show explicitly created to be a platform for the writers to do this very thing, using the setting to deal withthe problems of the time such as, but not limited to, the cold war, racism and abuse of power.

I say this because, despite what some people may want to say, stories are rarely “just stories”. More often than not, stories are a way for the writer to express their ideals and beliefs, to try to send a message across. Trying to contextualize a problematic in a way that the audience is able to learn and understand may be one of the hardest things for a writer to do.

Sometimes, the writers just pulls-in whatever is trending and try to pass it as a respectful depiction of a sensible topic.

Continue reading Opinion: “Social Commentary” is not a shield for shitty writing.

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Review: Voltron Legendary Defender is Almost Legendary

You may recall that last week I made a review of the first episode of “Voltron: Legendary Defender” made by Dreamworks Animation and distributes as one of Netflix Original Series.

Now i will make a full review of the series and my final thoughts on it. Continue reading Review: Voltron Legendary Defender is Almost Legendary

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Opinion: Legend of Zelda and female Link

Last year’s E3 gave us a trailer to the newest title in the popular “Legend of Zelda” series. While the reception of the trailer was extremely positive, what took the most out of everyone, either on excitement or negativity, was the notion that Link looked oddly feminine. That, added to some poorly worded words from the director of the game, Eiji Aonuma (related to a “lost in translation” moment) rumors about the possibility of a female link, or even a playable Zelda, exploded. It was a pretty big deal the mere posibility that a Zelda game would allow you to play as a girl, either a female version of Link or as Zelda herself.

Of course, Eiji Aonuma later rectified what he said and confirmed that this was indeed a male Link. Like always. (altough, it should be noted that the headcanons of Trans Link saw an increase around this time). Continue reading Opinion: Legend of Zelda and female Link

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Recap Steven Universe: Steven Floats

The Story so far: after concluding all their business in the barn, the Gems finally return to the temple for some well deserved rest and having some Catching up to do

Continue reading Recap Steven Universe: Steven Floats

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Review: The Origin of Voltron

“In an all-new series, five unlikely heroes and their flying robot lions unite to form the megapowerful Voltron and save the galaxy.”

Produced by Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos (alumni from “The Last Airbender” franchise) comes the reboot of the  Anime cult classic Voltron (in itself a Re-dub of the obscure anime Go-Lion): Voltron: Legendary Defender

This series, from the hands of Dreamworks Animation and distributed by Netflix worldwide, is the second attempt of modernizing the franchise after the unsuccesful attempt that was the TV Show “Voltron  Force”. But instead of being a sequel to the original show, this one is a full-out reboot and reimagining of said series. All the while using the blend of western animation and Anime that was involved in the creation of both Legend of Aang and Legend of Korra (in fact, the animation was done by Studio Mir, who also worked on Korra). Continue reading Review: The Origin of Voltron

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Opinion: There was no reason for having Peter be Spider-Man

Back when the Spider-Man franchise had been officially confirmed as being introduced into the MCU, there was a lot of discussion on wether it was going to be, yet again, Peter Parker as Spider-Man or, after a total of five movies, Marvel was going to give the title to another character, namely Miles Morales.

(Update: since writing this, It has been revealed they were not whitewashing Ganke Lee. However, the movie DOES have a character who fills Ganke’s only for Peter, so my statement remains the same: They are giving Peter Miles’ supporting cast)

Continue reading Opinion: There was no reason for having Peter be Spider-Man

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Review: Wonder Woman Rebirth

Confession time: I greatly dislike DC’s Nu52. I honestly believe that, overall, it has showcased a lot of what is wrong with the comic industry and that the titles that were good, were good despite of it, not because of it.

There are also 2 changes DC did that i will flat out call godawful and offensive and am willing to argue it with anyone, because i believe they are in the wrong for defending these two: The Kents being dead in Superman’s backstory and EVERYTHING related to Wonder Woman in the Nu52.

Continue reading Review: Wonder Woman Rebirth

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Opinion: Videogames are in a Shifting Point

Two years ago, if you had told anyone that the latest title of Electronic Art’s popular series Battlefield (and EA’s way of appealing to the Call of Duty market) would be set in World War 1, as oppose to, like other titles in the series and plenty of FPS overall, some by the numbers current setting that tries desperately to play it safe, they would probably not believe you. And why whould they? in the last decade FPSs have been more and more homogenous and more of an excuse to sell people a multiplayer game with increasingly shorter life-span and where the main concern is appealing to focus groups. Continue reading Opinion: Videogames are in a Shifting Point

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Analysis: Adopted Family, “Real” parents and One Piece


Did you know adopted childrens have no responsibility towards their biological parents? because you may be surprised to know some people do think that.

It is often said “Blood is thicker than Water” as a way to reffer to the importance Family Unity. Likewise, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” often reffers to childrens ending up like their parents. The idea being that the blood connection between individuals means one has a responsibility towards those they share a biological connection with or that they are somehow destined to be like them because they have the same blood.

Oddly enough, those words, when applied to adopted childrens, are rarely used to reffer to their adoptive parents, but rather to their biological, “real” parents.

Continue reading Analysis: Adopted Family, “Real” parents and One Piece

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