Fact: Hydra are Nazis

They are.

End of discussion.

No, I am serious. That’s the end of the discussion. If you think there is an argument to be made for Hydra to not be Nazis (please, bear in mind that, if you refer to the name or that they changed tactic, even though they still share the same fascist beliefs, you are just being pedantic) we are done. I am not here to discuss with anyone wether or not Hydra are Nazis.

Because they are.

End of discussion.

And no, I do not care that Marvel thinks Hydra stop being Nazis just because they say so. they are Nazis. Full stop.

Look, at this point, I don’t even care that Marvel tries to retcon stuff while trying to pretend they aren’t doing so. I don’t care they keep on relaunching titles and pretending it is some new initiative. And while i find it worrisome Neo-Nazis are shouting anti-semitic garbage wherever they can while Marvel Pretends Nazism is just some grandma’s tale. If they want to be a bunch of ignorants, so be it.

What I DO care is that Marvel thinks we are incredibly stupid. That they pretend we are not seeing what they are doing.

Stop it, Marvel, we are seeing you.

When you erase someone’s jewish heritage, we see it.

When you whitewash someone, we see it.

When you pretend your organization heavily inspired by Nazi symbolism and that has historically been involved with World War 2 are not Nazis. We see it.

We know how comics work. we know what you are doing. We know what a retcon is.

And we reject it.

Hydra are Nazis.


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