Fact: Hydra are Nazis

They are.

End of discussion.

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Analysis: Mulan and Visual Storytelling

I really like Mulan. it may be one of my three favorite disney movies from the nineties and i believe it is a bit underrated. Continue reading Analysis: Mulan and Visual Storytelling

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New hosting service!

You may notice the site has gone through a bit of a re-design. that’s because i decided to change things a little bit, including a new hosting.

if you see any irregularities, please inform me and i shall try to fix them.

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Opinion: Wonder Woman’s budget (And everyone elses)

Warner Brother’s DCEU seems to be in an interesting moment right now with the polarizing Batman V Superman dividing the fanbase even more, the Suicide Squad movie being around the corner, Geoff Johns reportedly joining the creative process of this cinematic universe and a ton of rumors about possible movies.

The more recent of this developments has been the reveal that the Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot and to be set in World War I has a reported budget of $100 millions. To put it in perspective, Captain America: First Avenger had a budget of $140 millions. Likewise, Man of Steel had a budget of $225 millions, Batman v. Superman $250 millions and there are rumors that Suicide Squad is going to likewise be $250 millions.

I don’t think it is particularly hard to see a clear difference in the amount of funding those three movies got in comparison to Wonder Woman who, I shall remind everyone, is going to be the first high-profile Superhero movie starring a female lead. So, naturally, there are people who are concerned at Warner Brothers seeming lack of faith in this movie and how miniscule this budget is compared to the rest of the DCEU. Some feel Warner Brothers should have given the movie the $200 millions mark that is becoming common in Superhero movies (and other blockbusters, for that matter)

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Videogame Review: Stardew Valley

Released in February 26 of 2016 on Steam, Stardew Valley is an RPG Farming Simulation game (in the same vibe as the Harvest Moon games for the Nintendo handheld consoles) for PC developed by ConcernedApe and published by  Game Studio Chucklefish of Starbound fame.

In the game you control your farmer character (which you can customize and name to your liking) who starts living in the abandoned farm of their late grandfather once they, as the game puts it, get sick of living in the city and seek the peace and quiet of Pelican Town, a once thriving community which has fallen into decline since the Joja Corporation recently opened a new JojaMart location in the area. However, as you begin to restore your late Grandfather’s farm to it’s former glory, you may as well help the town to heal as well.

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