Supergirl: You will believe we are calling her “Girl”

This is a review of the Pilot on it’s own. Recaps for the show proper will start with episode 2.

It is a pretty awesome time to be a comicbook fan: Some of the most succesful adaptaitons of the last few years have been comic books, There are mainstream Tv Show made out of them, the indie market is growing strong, etc.

However, a problem that grows harder to ignore with this adaptations is the obvious lack of women as the leads. Sure, we have Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel confirmed for movies, but they are still a few years away. And even with those movies and counting Jessica Jones, I Zombie and Agent Carter, there are still far more stories crafted for a male audience than a female one.

Having a show like Supergirl has been long overdue, is what i am saying.

The character of Supergirl is a tricky one to adapt, since her origin is strongly tied-up to one of the most well-known superheroes in the world. To make a Supergirl story that doesn’t revolve around the relation between the two can be something difficult to do, not because her character is somehow dependant on Superman’s, but because cultural osmosis can be a pretty powerful thing.

Even if they don’t read comics, people will realize Kara is wearing Superman’s symbol, she is from the same planet as Superman and has his exact same powers: If you make no mention of the Superman connection, people will still make it and not let go. If you do, people may feel like you are saying “see? see? it’s superman but as a girl!”

Because of this, to find a balance between the two is no easy task but, luckily, the show manages to find it.

The connection is made. People throughout the episode make mention of Superman and trying to follow on her cousin’s footsteps is a driving force for Kara. However, Kara decides to reveal herself to save her adoptive sister, she has her own circle of friends outside of her cousin and the pilot’s antagonist has personal motives to go against Kara that are not, in fact, related to the fact she is Superman’s cousin. Clark Kent doesn’t even make an appearence.

The story is pretty much an Origin Story made by the same team that do Arrow and The Flash. As such, Kara’s Origin Story at this point is pretty much standard: we start with sometihng of a prologue (in Arrow’s case, Oliver finally escaping The Island. In Flash’s Barry starts telling his story and we get to see a glimplse of his super powers. In Supergirl’s we have Kara explaining how she fits in the superman mythos and we get to see her parents). After that, the first half is the slow build-up as we establish Kara’s normal life before showing her powers for real. The rest of the episode is her setting up her superhero identity and having to face the villain of the week.

If there is something to praise to the creators, however, is that they don’t just copy and paste the formula. Kara’s origin is different than Barry’s or Oliver’s: Oliver started fully trained, fully commited to his mission and already had a plan in the work. Barry had no idea what was going on with him and had no control over his powers but, as he started to get the hand of it, he decided to use them for good. Kara is something middle of the road, she has fully access to her abilities and has no problem controlling them (even if she is a little out of practic with her flight), but she is not sure how to do this whole superhero business. It is easy to relate to and is different enough that doesn’t feel like the show is imitating it’s sister shows.

If you have seen the trailer, you probably already know most of the plot twists, but there are one or two that were nice to see.

The villain is not that interesting outside of a grudge against Kara’s family and, beyond working for a bigger antagonist, he is just there to be a threat to Kara she can’t just do a one-hit K.O.

Likewise, while we get to see Kara interact with her supporting cast, we don’t learn that much about them: Alex loves her sister, Cat is a business woman, Henshaw doesn’t trust aliens, etc. Here is hoping we get to see more development for them down the road.

The Special Effects, like with The Flash, are superb. Something great of TV adaptions now is that the technology available is finally capable of showing a character fly only using a limited Tv Budget. All the effects used for Kara’s powers are really well done and, depsite some complains, i really like her costume.

Overall, the Pilot is a pretty good start for a new TV Show. There are a number of flaws, like some heavy-fisted attempts at feminism, but it’s the kind that get ironed-out once a show manages to catch it’s passing. But for now, It’s a good Pilot.

Will recap it every week.

the character of Supergirl belongs to DC Comics. the Tv Show Supergirl airs in the United States on CBS, every monday at 8:00 PM (YTC -5:00)


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