Arrow Recap: Restoration

My name is Oliver Queen. After five years in hell, I returned home with only one goal: to save my city. But my old approach wasn’t enough. I had to become someone else. I had to become something else. I had to become… the Green Arrow.

Last episode we saw Oliver telling Felicity his intention to run for mayor of Star City and stop people from losing hope that the city can be saved.

So, naturally, there is no mention of that plot thread in the entire episode. Instead of that we get Oliver and Diggle fighting a card-throwing meta-human.

But i am getting ahead of myself. The episode begins with Oliver and Diggle having to deal with some Ghosts jus tthe two of them since Laurel and Thea have gone to The League of Assasins to try using the Lazarus Pit to ressurect Sara (Altough noone else in Team Arrow knows this).

Felicity tries to look at the bright side saying it’s jus thte three of them like old times, but Diggle doesn’t seem to agree that much. He is still angry at Oliver and discovering the Ghosts may be connected to Hive just makes him more decided to stop one of the mercenaries from killing himself.

Sadly, the guy manages to catch Diggle by surprise and escape.

Going back home, Diggle finds an Argus agent on his house while his wife and daughter and out who gives him some information about Hive. A woman, specifically, Mina Fayad. and she is in Star City right now.

She is in Star City to see Dahrk and talk to him about green Arrow. Darhk’s partners from Hive are not quite happy with him getting in their way, so they have sent her and a Meta-human to deal with the issue. Jeremy Tell, A.K.A. Double Down has the ability to peel off his skin his card tatoos and throws them like knives as he shows in a quick demonstration by killing the guy that Diggle almost captured at the start of the episode. He is going to kill Green Arrow, but it will not be for free.

Later on, as Diggle tries to follow Mina Fayad and fails, Oliver finds himself in a trap set by Double Down and is almost killed, but at least manages to steal one of his cards which Felicity asks Curtis to analyze and see what they can discover. Also, she is sicken of Oliver and Diggle not getting along anymore and insists they solve their issues right now.

Oliver once again apolgizes for what he did but Diggle says the issue is that Oliver lost his trust. Oliver, in turn, repsonds by saying Diggle refuses to give him a chance to earn it back. In any case, Diggle confesses to Oliver about Hive and Mina Fayad being the only solid clue he has managed to find in the last two years. Oliver says they will find her.

Except she is dead now, as they find out later.

See, Damian wasn’t quite happy with Diggle finding Mina, since it means she was careless, and the meta-human that was supposed to deal with Green Arrow failed. Damian asks Double Down to make another demonstration. This time, he asks him to try and kill him, only it was just so he could catch his card with his magic and direct it to Mina, killing her instead. He tells Double Down that he doe snot like dissapointment.

Back in Palmer Technologies, Curtis has found a way to locate Double Down by the material used in the cards but, since he can do it too, it’s just then that he appears and threatens the two of them. He wants to know where Green Arrow is.

Felicity manages to outsmart Double Down enough for her and Curtis to escape into the Arrow Cave bellow Palmer Technologies, revealing to Curtis she works for Green Arrow.

She also uses an assault rifle when Double Down follows them there too and manages to scare him off. When Oliver and Diggle come back, Fleicity tells them Curtis know her secret, but not Oliver’s. Oliver is find with that. The issue now is to take down Jeremy, who is trying to escape, but both Oliver and Diggle ar eenough to take him down and finally start trusting each other again. Later, he tells Diggle he is doing some digging himself to see if he can find anything about Hive but also says he will not tell them what just yet, not because secrets but because he wants it to be a surprise.

The seocndary plot is Laurel and Thea trying to use The Lazarus Pit. Merlyn and Nyssa both agree it is a bad idea. Thea was near death and she still has to suffer the side-effects, in the unlikely case it even works on Sara, chances are it will be a fate worse than death. Merlyn also explains that Thea is suffering a serious case of Blood Lust that will not stop until she kills the one who almost killed her: the preivous Ra’s Al Ghul… who is dead… still, Merlyn says that if she kills some guys every few weeks she will be fine as he demonstrates by tricking Thea into killing some of his own men.

Thea is clearly upset that Merlyn made her kill again and even insists telling Laurel they should just leave but Merlyn manages to win them over by agreeing in using the Lazarus Pit on Sara.

Nyssa is enraged a this suggestion and tells Laurel to stop right now, but Merlyn order his ment to take her away. The Lazarus Pit works and Sara comes back to life, but she is now even more savage than when Thea came back.

Laurel is quite happy and thinks it is only a matter of time, but Merlyn is wise enough to tell her this are uncharted waters and they don’t know what will happen.

Nyssa ultimately destroys the Lazarus Pit because she has decided what they did to Sara was beyond wrong. Merlyn order his men to take her away.

Finally, the flashback is mostly Oliver winning the mercenaries good grace when he starts torturing one of the prisoners to find out who stole some of the plants. The WOman Oliver had talked earlier in the flashback confesses and, instead of just killing her, Oliver suggest let him take her somewhere noone will ever find her body.

They accept, but one of the soldiers follow Olvier to keep an eye of him. Oliver solves that issue by purposefully make the soldier walk on a mine and frees the prisoner, who he asks to trust him.

The major plot development of this episode is, no doubt, the return of Sara. We also get some nice character development between Diggle and Oliver as well as Curtis being introduced to some of the secret.

Other things to note:

  • I hope he and Cisco meet and get along.
  • We know from Heroes of Tomorrow that Sara will get better. still it is kind of sad seeing Laurel in so much denial about Sara’s clearly wrong behaviour.
  • I love how, despite Oliver insisting killing is over, the shows still manages to find ways to have it’s characters forced to kill.
  • Felicity… when your phone does that it is either the Blue Screen Of Death or you have The Matrix on your phone. that is definitely not normal.

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