The Flash Recap: Family of Rogues

My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive. To the outside world, I’m an ordinary forensic scientist. But secretly with the help of my friends at Star Labs, I use my speed to fight crime and find other metahumans like me. I hunted down the man who killed my mother, but in doing so I opened up our world to new threats. And I am the only one fast enough to stop them. I am The Flash.

After two episodes dedicated to the Zoom plot, we drift away for a while and focus on the Snart siblings.

The pre-title screen scene  begins with Barry receiving a call from Iris telling him that she is getting shot by two criminals she has been following. After getting some info of where she is, Barry quickly changes clothes and goes rescue her in a blink.

Once we get over the title screen, we cut straight to Star Labs, where we see the anomaly Professor Stein had mentioned last episode has been put in a nice room. Jay Garrick is convinced this is his ticket home but the problem is that they have no idea how to use it since everything they throw at it bounces back. Since Zoom can use them with no problem, Barry assumes they only need speed, but he changes his mind when he bounces back, too.

After some theories of how to control the anomaly, Professor Stein, in better health than last peisode, tells them to give it a rest.

The main plot begins as Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Iris are enjoying some coffee in the cafe. Then, all of the sudden, Lisa Snart, A.K.A. Golden Glide, appears. She asks Cisco for help, but Cisco, remembering the last two times he trusted her turned out to be a trap, bassically tells her to piss off or he’ll call The Flash.

Since Barry is right there for everyone to see, this is clearly a bluff, but one Lisa is quite happy to buy as she… actually wants Cisco to call The Flash, she needs his help too. The team decides she is being serious and take her to Star Labs where she explains to a in-costume Barry that her brother has been kidnapped and she is worried.

Flash decides to check this out and he actually finds Leonard but, surprise, he doesn’t seem to be in toruble and actually freezes Flash in place. We learn that Leonard hasn’t been kidnapped, he is working with his dad to do a heist.

As we discover one of the things Cisco added to the new costume, specifically a heat system for anytime Barry gets hit by the cold gun, Flash goes to confront Lisa and tell her Leonard is not kidnapped, he is working with their dad, which is further confirmed when they bring up his Dossieur. But Lisa refuses to believe it. When pushed, she reveals why by showing a scar in one of her shoulders that wasn’t from a failed heist, it was done by her dad.

The Team still seems dubious but Barry goes confront Leonard anyway when he is alone. Barry warns Leonard that his dad will not care about the deal between the two and Barry will not allow anyone get killed. Leonard tells him that if he doesn’t stay away he is going to tell everyone who The Flash is but Barry calls on his bluff when he tells him if he does so, then he’ll have The Flash’s undivided attention. Despite this, Leonard refuses to listen.

After Leonard’s dad blows up their partner’s head up when he mispeaks, Team Flash is able to put together what is actually going on: Leonard isn’t the one kidnapped, it’s Lisa. Their dad put a bomb on her head and he is using her to make Leonard do what he tells him.

They quickly cook up a plan. Barry convinces Leonard to let him join in the heist to earn time as Cisco tries to pull the bomb off Lisa’s head. Once they do, Leonard blasts his dad killing him as revenge for toying with Lisa’s life and easily gives up arrest.

The episode ends with the reveal that Caitlin and Jay, who had their own subplot regarding the anomaly, have managed to stabilize it and are now able to use it to go to Earth-2. Jay wants to go back home, but the team politely asks him to stay and help them deal with Zoom. Jay, being the nice guy that he is, accepts doing so.

The other subplot of the episode regard Iris’ mom, which ties pretty well with the main one. Joe doesn’t want her to meet Iris because he believes she doesn’t deserves doing so after all she did, but at the same time he is guilt-ridden for telling Iris her mom was dead all along. After some consideration, he finally reveals the truth to Iris: Her mom was a drug-addict and Joe discovered it when one day, while on the job, he received a 911 call from a little girl saying something happened to her mom. The Address was Joe’s and he says the image he saw when he returned is still with him to this day.

After that, Iris mom disappeared from the map and Joe told everyone she had died becaus he felt Iris deserved a better mom than what she got. Iris is clearly in tears at the revelation that her mom is actually alive, but does forgive Joe for what he did.

Since this is an episode about the Snart family, it is not that surprising that Cisco is the member of Team Flash that gets the most focus on this episode considering his complicated relationship with them. Both as the one who practically provided them with their weapons and having been the one to reveal Barry’s identity to Leonard’s. He is the one most against the idea of trusting Lisa but, by the end of the episode, the two of them seem to have developed something of a friendship, even though they are both enemies.

Like wise, we get more of Leonard, who is clearly in a situation he doesn’t like one bit but has no option because not doing so would mean the death of his sister, which he refuses to allow. It is telling that he surrenders at the end of the episode, probably as a statement that he did not approve of this operation and as a thank you to Barry for saving his sister’s life.

Other things to note:

  • We continue to see Caitlin and Jay’s developing relationship. I hope it is not romantic, since Jay actually had a wife in the pre-flashpoint continuity and I am more of a Caitlin/Barry shipper
  • Two cliffhangers. the first one is Stein having another collapse, this one also comes with flames, indicating this probably ha ssomething to do with the Firestorm matrix.
  • The other is the stinger, in which the Wells from Earth-2 arrives to this one.
  • I love Joe’s expression when his new partner actually uses the villains nicknames.

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