Arrow Recap: The Candidate

My name is Oliver Queen. After five years in hell, I returned home with only one goal: to save my city. But my old approach wasn’t enough. I had to become someone else. I had to become something else. I had to become… the Green Arrow.

We begin the episode with Team Arrow fighting some Ghosts and dismantling a bomb while Fleicity complains she wants a codename.

After the title screen we cut back to base where Oliver gives Felicity a new plant to celebrate her first day as a CEO and comments that Thea has been more violent than needed. Also, an old friend of their mother and her daughter is coming over for dinner.

This old friend is Mrs. Danforth and she reveals she is running for major and wants Ollie and Thea’s blessing since their mother was murdered during her campaign.

It seems “willing the mayor” has become such a popular sport in Star City that Ms. Danforth gets attacked by a hitman during her first press release as a candidate. Even Diggle calls it a new record. The guy managed to escape but, luckily, Oliver is rich again thanks to his CEO girlfriend so he can go right back into making absurd purchases to get a truck’s windshield with the hitman’s fingerprints. Only problem is that it looks we are dealing with kind of a psycho because it seems he manually re-arranged his fingerprints to avoid detection.

As all this was going on, Felicity had her first day as the boss. And her first task is to fire a lot of employees because the company is losing money, fast. She also meets Curtis Holt. A.K.A Future Mr. Terrific. who also happens to be gay. She also gets to meet one of the newly fired employees who tells her she initially believed Felicity would actually fix things. so she has quite a guilt trip there.

Going back to the Hitman plot, Felicity manages to detect a particular kind of cellulose that leads them to an abandoned Palmer Technologies’ facility. Ollie and Thea go solo and we learn Oliver was right about Thea when she breaks a man’s arm. Back in base, Ollie is so angry at thea that they even start sparring while he shows her how to fight to disarm, not cripple. He also reveals to Thea and Laurel that Malcolm told him The Lazarus Pit does weird things to you when you use it.

We cut to Damien Darhk, who so far very displeased with Lonnie Machin (A.K.A Anarky) since he feels he wants chaos While Damien’s vision is of order. also, he kidnapped Mrs. Danforth’s daughter which only makes things messier.

Thea and Laurel start talking about The Lazarus Pit and Laurel learns that Thea was very close to death when they put her in the pit. Laurel defends Ollie’s actions.

Oliver tries to talk with Captain Lance and see if they can work together to save Mrs. Danforth’s daughter, but Quentin is still not convinced there is any real difference between The Arrow and The Green Arrow. He also yells at Damien as soon as he sees him over kidnapping a teenage girl. Damien assures him he did not approve of Lonnie’s actions, but that he is not above them to keep him in check if he doesn’t control his tone in the future. He gives Lonnie’s Address and Captain Lance decides to trust Team Arrow on this one.

Team Arrow goes and fight Lonnie, but in the middle of the fight Thea loses it and almost burns the guy to death. Luckily, Oliver saved his life but the captain is convinced nothing has changed.

On a more positive note, Felicity has managed to trick the executive board into thinking Curtis has an idea that could save the company, but it will need time and worforce to work on it before the project is ready to be presented. that will give them a few months to figure out what that will be.

Mrs. Danforth gives up her candidacy but, at the end of the episode, Oliver decides to run for Mayor himself, thinking “Hey! i already have people wanting to kill me on a daily basis, so i’m perfect for this”

We also learn that Laurel wants to use the Lazarus Pit to bring back Sara… and Thea is helping her.

In the flashback, Oliver kills his captor and makes it look like he step on a landmine. He also tells them he has been trapped in the island for three years (skipping the one years he was out, obivously) and their leader seems to buy it since he recognized he was Oliver Quinn. They are working some kind of illegal farm operation and using prisoners to do the labor. They won’t let him go since he could tell someone. but since they don’t have any particular wish to kill him either, so they give him an offer: Work for them and use his knowledge of the island so no more people find any surprise landmines while walking.

Other things to note:

  • Diggle tells Laurel about H.I.V.E. and laurel tells him he should tell everyone else.
  • Curtis comes across as a more nicer version of Pied Piper. Very smart, but trying hard to not confuse people with his techno babble.
  • Oliver made Felicity Lunch, that is adorable. and one hell of a turn around from the time she delivered him cofee.
  • I was actually surprised they ackwnowledged any kind of ecomposition in Sara’s corpse.

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