Flash Recap: Flash of Two Worlds

My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive. To the outside world, I’m an ordinary forensic scientist. But secretly with the help of my friends at Star Labs, I use my speed to fight crime and find other metahumans like me. I hunted down the man who killed my mother, but in doing so I opened up our world to new threats. And I am the only one fast enough to stop them. I am The Flash.

We pick our episode where the previous one left off, with Jay Garrick arriving and everyone freaking out by this individual who managed to surpass the supposedly new and improved security system.

Jay starts to explain he is The Flash of aparallel Earth who got suck from a portal that was caused by the portal Flash opened last season and the event caused him to lose his powers. Whoops.

Except not really because turns out it happened in a timely ocassion. Jay was fighting Zoom at the time and almost got killed before he got suck, so Barry saved his life. kind of. He still had to spend many months trying to re-adjust to being in a parallel world but on the plus side, he has been spying on them all so he already know who they are!

It may come as a shock to you, but some of them are having a hard time buying his story. And i don’t mean it because of Professor Stein’s failed attempt to epxlain parallel earth to Joe. Barry  says he will have to go through some testings before they are willing to trust him.

Meanwhile we get or first real look at Zoom, who looks kinda blu, as he opens a portal and brings a new Metahuman to fight The Flash.

Also, Joe meets Patty Spivot, a volunteer for his Metahuman Task Force, which, as we learn, has had everyone quitting since last episode. Joe refuses on the basis that Patty lacks experience and he is still not over Eddie’s death.

Back in Star Labs, Caitlin confirms that Jay has regenerative capabilities but other than that, there are no indications that he is a Speedster. However, she secretly made him go through a lie detection test and he passed. Still, Barry is not iwlling to trust him and they lock him up. Jay is quite cool with it.

Back to the Metahuman, after commiting arson to get Barry’s attention, we learn he is able to turn his body into sand (Sand Demon, Jay calls him) which means Barry cannot hit him. On the other hand, Joe and Patty capture Sand Demon’s counterpart from this earth, but have to let him go once they confirm he is not the Metahuman they are looking for. Well, at least She and Barry had a chance to flirt while Joe was interrogaitng the guy.

Also, Patty gets kidnapped by the real Sand Demon.

Back to Star Labs, Barry is still unwilling to trust Jay even after he gives them very useful information about Sand Demon, so Iris bassically asks him what the hell is wrong with him which makes Barry go and actually talk to the guy.

The reason Barry is so paranoid about Jay is that he reminds him too much of Wells, who he had though of a mentor for so long. but with some re-assurance from Jay, Barry is willing to at least trust him for now.

During the episode, Cisco and Stein have been searching for a way to confirm Jay’s claims of being from a Parallel Earth and conclude, if there is a gate to Earth-2, they should be able to find some kind of energy reading coming from the gate.

As this was going on, Cisco once again has a vision when he touches Sand Demon’s Sand. and we start to get a glimps of what his powers actually are. It seems if he has contact with someone from a Parallel Earth, he is able to see something from their immediate past. This way, he is able to locate Sand Demon and discover he is planning to use some kind of bomb, so they decide to let Jay Garrick pretend he still has his powers to distract Sand Dmeon so Barry can save Patty. Once that is done, Barry uses his electricity to turn the guy into glass and…killing him? okay, previous episode i did not have an issue, but this time it’s implied Barry downright kills someone. Is this going to become a thing?

The episode ends with three important developments: There are 52 gates in the city with the bigger located in Star Labs, Professor Stein collapses and Wells appears to be alive in an unknown Parallel Earth.

If the previous episode was used to establish the changes from last season, this one sets the new Status Quo for the season. Zoom has a more direct approach than Reverse Flash did.  While Reverse Flashs’ plan was bassically to let Barry develop by letting things happen, Zoom directly sets enemy for Barry to fight and bassically invoking the “Villain of the Week” trope in the mor eliteral way possible.

Likewise, Jay comes as a quite different mentor figure than Harrison Wells. He is bassically everything wells was (A Speedster and quite the talented scientist), but in a smaller scale. He has more experience than Barry as a hero, but only for a few years, and he can’t compare to Professor Stein as a scientist. If Wells was a father figure to Barry, Jay seems to invoke a patient older brother.

We had got a hint of this last week, but now that Iris is a full member of the team, she is also becoming the voice of reason for Barry. While Joe is good at the emotional speeches, Iris is able to go to the point and talk to Barry as an equal.

As Cisco starts to learn more about his powers, we also see he is not quite happy with them since he feels like this was one of Wells’ plans and he doesn’t want to play in his game to the point that he asks professor Stein to tell noone about it when the latter figures the truth out.

Other things to note:

  • So patty is the new Love interest? I don’t know how i feel about this. I know people find the Iris/Barry ship creepy because they have grown as siblings, but on the other hand it would be nice to have an interracial couple in a mainstream superhero tv show.
  • I am not kidding about Jay Garrick being cool about Barry’s mistrust. You get the guy wants to show he is a good guy.
  • Iris’ mom appears at the end of the episode. i wonder if this will have osmething to do with Wally West
  • Zoom’s Deisgn, from what we have seen, is quite creepy. it seems to invoke a spectre, fitting considering we are close to halloween.
  • The reference to the original team-up cover was quite nice.

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