Arrow Recap: Green Arrow

After five months away, Oliver has to return to Starling City (Now re-named Star City) when a new threat proves to be too much for Team Arrow alone.The episode begins with a view of Ollie and Felicity’s new life away from Star City. With Oliver liking the idea of running as an excersise and not to pursue burglars while Felicity has to deal with the fact she can’t make an omelette. We also learn that Felicity is set to become Palmer Technologies new CEO after Ray’s apparent death at the end of last season.

Meanwhile, Team Arrow (Diggle, Thea and Laurel) is dealing with a group of well-trained and well-armed mercenaries known as “ghosts” who stole something from Kord Industries. After this failed attempt, Laurel wants to bring Oliver and Felicity on the basis that they are clearly low on hands to deal with this situation while Diggle refuses on the basis that he doesn’t feel comfortable trusting the guy who kidnapped his wife and broke his trust.

But before that, let’s talk about Star City’s situation for a minute. As it turns out, having suffered a grand total of three terrorist attacks, having the Glades taken hostage and having the it’s last three mayors killed off in a short period of time from one another means that people are leaving the city and having a new name and train station are not going to change that. On top of that, since everyone is too afraid of their lives to try and run for mayor, the city has to be run by a commitee that include’s Captain Lance.

Anyway, both Laurel and Thea decide on bringing Oliver back anyways on the basis that the leader of this mercenaries showed up and managed to systematically kill off the city commitee with Laurel’s father being the only survivor. Diggle is understably unhappy with both Laurel and Thea acting behind his back (but become willing to work alongside Oliver after some oush from his wife) and Oliver learns that, despite the team calling him back, they are not that quick to just take orders from him anymore. He also puts together that Felicity has been helping the team at his back.

And to makes everything all the better, turns out this new villain not only stole a bomb, he also has magic. And his next trick will be to blow up the new train station.

As this is going on, we also get flashbacks of Oliver after the events in China, where we learn Amanda Waller sent Oliver back to Lian Yu to identify what appears to be a new threat there.

One of the theme of the show from the beginning has been the quesiton of wether The Arrow was a hero or a simple Vigilante that only brought more evil than good to the city. The episode seems to confirm the latter, with both Diggle calling Oliver on him manipulating them in his plan against The League of Assasins and Captain Lance pointing out most of the bad things that happened in the last few years can be linked to Oliver. However, altough the episode says The Arrow was no hero, that doesn’t mean Oliver can’t start again, The Arrow was declared dead last season so now he will go with a new identity and embracing his name from the comics: Now he is The Green Arrow.

In the rest of the cast, the most noteworthy developments are those of Diggle and Felicity. Last season made it clear they had started to consider Oliver’s crusade their own, but here we see how much they have embraced it with Diggle using Ollie’s Phrase of protecting my city and Felicity saying that, even though she enjoyed her time with Oliver, she missed helping the people of Star City. It is telling that Felicity is the one who, after Oliver tells her how he is surrounded by darkness as The Arrow, suggests he takes a mantle that surrounds itself from the light or that Oliver insists Diggle be present when The Green Arrow announces himself as the new protector of the city in a live broadcast.

Other things to mention:

  • New mention of Hive. It seems we’ll get a resolution for the murder of Diggle’s brother.
  • This episode sets Damian Dahrk, namedropped last season, as this season’s new villain.
  • He also seems to have Captain Lance under his thumb. It will be interesting to learn why.
  • So, any bets who the dead person will be? my money is on Felicity. That ring is a death sentence.

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