Flash Recap: The Man Who Saved Central City

The season premiere sets us six months after last season’s cliffhanger, with the arrival of Flash Day to celebrate his saving of the city.

We begin the episode with Flash imagining himself fighting Captain Cold and Heatwave with the help of Firestorm and then we cut to all his friends congratulating him in his latest victory. The reality, however, is that in the last six months Barry has decided to go solo in his crusade to protect the city.

Other changes from last season is that Caitlin has moved to work on Mercury labs and Cisco is now CCPD’s Meta-Human advisor in charge of creating new toys to help Joe and the rest of the Meta-Human task force to fight supervillains. Cisco is quite happy with this arrangement, even if he is disappointed that he doesn’t get his very own badge.

Iris wants to convince Barry to assist to the city’s honoring of his acomplishments, but Barry says no on the basis that he doesn’t think he deserves the credit. We also learn he has been using his super speed every night to fix the destruction the Black Hole did.

We then cut to a flashback were we learn what happened six months ago. Ronnie and stein managed to close the black hole after Barry stabilised it, but it required for them to separate inside of it, Professor Stein got out but Ronnie didn’t, much to Caitlin’s grievance.

After the appearence of a new Meta-Human during the celebration of Flash Day who has the power to grow larger absorbing nuclear energy who wants to kill The Flash and who looks identical to a dead body we see at the start. The rest of the episode is Team Flash coming back together, despite Barry’s protests, to try and stop this new threat .

If there is something this episode does really well is showing how much Team Flash has grown since last season. Caitlin and Barry have become quite close, giving emotional support with one another usually seen between Joe and Barry. Iris has become become a full member of the team and the one who refuses to allow Barry’s determination to do everything for himself. Professor Stein, who last season’s finale had hinted at as a Wells’ replacement as experienced scientist, is welcomed with open arms by Cisco when witnessing their shared trait of naming Meta-Humans (and being the one who gives Atom Smasher his name).

Even Harrison Wells, the villain of last season, admits in his last will to Barry’s that he had stopped to see Barry as an enemy, giving a confession post-mortem of the murder of Nora Allen which is enough to free Henry Allen form prison and solving that particular plot thread.

Finally, we are hinted at what would be this season’s over arching arc. First with an individual at the start who is eventually shown as Jay Garrick (the original Flash), and then Cisco’s vision during the first fight with Atom Smasher where he can see Atom Smasher talking with someone he later identifies as “Zoom”, who brought Atom Smasher from hiw own world into Barry’s and would only return him back home after he had killed The Flash.

Other things to note:

  • Star Labs now belongs to Barry. Taxes must be huge but would love to see Oliver’s face when he hears of it.
  • We are getting more of Cisco’s meta-human abilities in the form of visions. it didn’t have much bearing on the episode’s plot, but will be itneresting to see developed.
  • Star Labs. security is still unable to keep speedsters away. kind of a design flaw.

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